ASB Injunctions during the pandemic - The year of the ASBI


Where & When

Venue Online
Date Thursday, 25th March 2021
Time 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Further Details

Angela Hall & Andrew Atkinson will speak about the ASBI as the "go to" tool to deal with anti-social behaviour during the pandemic.

They will look back over the last 12 months and discuss the practical issues involved in:
- without notice, remote, hybrid and in-person hearings during lockdown;
- preparing evidence, including where witnesses are vulnerable or from the police or other third parties;
- enabling a defendant to engage in the proceedings.

9 months on from the Justice Council's report on the use of ASBIs, they will consider whether the pandemic has changed our views about their value, particularly where any possession claim may be long-delayed in the county court.

About the session

Listen to our expert panel as they share their experience of ASB injunctions during the pandemic.

+ Angela Hall, Barrister at Five Paper
+ Andrew Atkinson, Solicitor at Runnymede Borough Council

Sarah Salmon, Chair of SHLA and Barrister at Field Court Chambers will be chairing this session.


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Photo of Angela Hall
Angela Hall Barrister Five Paper
Photo of Andrew Atkinson
Andrew Atkinson Solicitor Runnymede Borough Council
Photo of Sarah Salmon
Sarah Salmon Chair of SHLA and Barrister Field Court Chambers

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