Announcement SHLA about Jon Holbrook

By Laura Bazile, SHLA / January 27th 2021
Dear colleagues,

We, the Social Housing Law Association Committee, cannot ignore, barrister, Jon Holbrook’s tweet of 17 January 2021 published at 9.34am nor his subsequent behaviour both on social media and in comments to the press in which he sought to justify the views expressed in that tweet.

We consider Jon Holbrook’s tweet and his subsequent behaviour to be abhorrent. SHLA unreservedly condemns the views expressed by Jon Holbrook.

The Committee has held an urgent meeting and has written to Jon Holbrook demanding that he resign his membership of SHLA in line with its Articles of Association. The SHLA Committee has power to revoke Jon Holbrook’s membership of SHLA if he refuses to resign and will take further steps under its Articles if he fails to comply with the demand.

We, wish to express our commitment to social justice, particularly in the area of social housing. SHLA is an open and diverse organisation that works in the interest of its members. Racism, or any form of discrimination, will not be tolerated.

Sarah Salmon
As Chair and on behalf of the Committee

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