Will you be a guest writer for the SHLA Newsletter next edition?

By Laura Bazile, SHLA / February 17th 2021
The Social Housing Lawyers Association (SHLA) aims to further the interests of social landlords. SHLA is an exclusive forum where its members can exchange and discuss ideas and information.

As a valuable member, you already took part in the discussion. We want to give you the opportunity to get more. You are invited as a guest writer* for the SHLA Newsletter (March issue).

What YOU can do? Write a 300-500 word-long article to share your expertise.

What we will do? Your article will be posted on our website and available for members only. We will add your details (picture, Linkedin profile) for better exposure and to reinforce the connection between you and other members.

What we are looking for? In-depth content that will be actionable by professionals involved in social housing.

Why YOU should become a guest writer? Investing in community spirit has never been so important. Your content and experience might be relevant to many other SHLA members.

When can you submit your article*? Deadline for submission for March edition is 28 February 2021. Once received, it will be reviewed by the SHLA Committee. We will keep you informed of the outcome.

Good luck!


*you must have a valid SHLA membership when you submit your article. Go to the Memberships section to apply for membership. Already a member? make sure that you renew your membership in due course.

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