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We can’t underestimate our individual potential to have an impact on our industry. Would you like to do more? Could you commit to volunteering with SHLA?

We have a position on our committee to fill. We encourage you to consider whether you would like to put yourself forward for election.

We thank you for your valued commitment to SHLA.

There is one place on the Committee for a solicitor in private practice and elected places are for a period of four years. The term starts on 1 January 2022.

Availability on the Committee for election is dependent on the positions vacant, either because of members having reached the end of their tenure or who wish to resign.

Eligibility: you must be a member of SHLA (for solicitors in private practice this includes your firm being a member) and a solicitor in private practice.
  • Candidates for election must complete and return their nomination paper to the SHLA Admin Team at by 6.00pm on 7 December 2021, Please email a request for the form.
  • If only one person stands, and that person is eligible, then they will be welcomed onto the Committee.
  • If more than one eligible person stands, voting will open via email between 8th and 22nd December 2021.
  • Election results will be formally announced by email to our members and on our website.
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